September 18-20, 2009

George Washington National Park
Harrisonburg, VA 

What is the plan?
We'll be hitting some trails in the George Washington National Park around Rt. 33 near Harrisonburg, VA.  By night we'll pitch camp, cook meals, and share stories.  During the trail rides, we will learn how to use and attempt various recovery techniques.

Who can come along?
If you have a Chevrolet Trailblazer and you enjoy using your SUV for it's intended purposes, we welcome you to join us.  Generally, we are just a group of off road loving guys that happen to share a common vehicle.  Join the discussion in the link above if you would like to join the fun.

Feel free to bring a friend, but unless they own a Trailblazer, they'll be riding the passenger seat!

Are there any rules?
Just a few in order to keep everyone safe and ensure everyone has a good time.  Really, they are more like guidelines.  Read through them here.

Do I need any particular modifications to my Trailblazer or things I should bring?
There are a few:

     - CB (required)
     - At least 30.5" A/T or M/T tires (no stock street tires, we'll see mud)
     - Lift (recommended)
     - Spare Tire (required)
     - Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, as minimum)
     - Food (Camping stove, food, water, its your call)
     - Y'r Balls